what if?

I couldn't sleep last night.  I was thinking about the poetry contest, about what I'm working towards.  Which led to all sorts of questions:  Must all writers spend their lives seeking publication?  What if I didn't?  Is that a cop out?  Is competition important for creativity? Or is it all just part of the same terrible grasping and squeezing system that's choking the world?  Liberte, egalite, fraternite!

I told you, Mach 2.  

So I got up and wrote a poem.  Of course.

Here you go:


What if you refused to compete?

Would you still be a winner?

...or a loser?

What if you pushed yourself against 

the universe

instead of pushing yourself against

your neighbor,

pressed hard against the sky's resistance,

broke through its womblike pulse

and slipped out into the 

patient ocean of space?

Would you care then 

that no one knows your name

out there amongst

the glory of planets,

those hoops of feldspar, 

or maybe helium,

those dervishes 

out spinning in the stellar cold?

What if no one ever nodded their

respect or touched

their lips in admiration

when you passed,

if all your life you went 


except by the all-seeing God

who is Himself 

still shrouded by

the curtain of a world

that daily crowns


or more likely, 





It's time again for my monthly media fast beginning Mother's Day.  (Can you believe how fast these months go?)  I am hoping to get one more post in before that though, so hopefully I'll see you tomorrow.