the pilgrim life

I was invited to share over at the High Calling this week, where we're talking about "Holy Routines."  I thought a lot about the every day things I do that help shape my spiritual life and bring me into connection with Christ, but it was this idea of pilgrimage that wouldn't leave me, the discipline it takes to keep going, to not settle within comfortable lines or to allow culture or community to dictate my understanding of God's call.  I imagine there are some people who won't understand this at all, but for other pilgrim souls out there: an attempt at seeing the wandering in a new way.  Press on towards the One who calls, my friends.

My pilgrimage began the day we went back to visit my grandmother’s land. I had come to say goodbye, to walk my memories across the familiar pasture, trace my boundary lines along the ancient wooden fence. The land was passing out of our grasp, as were many of my early haunts and confidences, both physical and spiritual. The roots of our home countries wind deep into our being, and I recall that day as one of restlessness, the feeling of anticipation lying just below my ribs....

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