doings. january 10

what I'm doing:

organizing something every day (just ten minutes)

drinking tea and more tea

taking photos every day (mostly here)

getting up at 5:30am to exercise (this is not my favorite part)

marveling at the number of duck eggs laid every day in the dead of winter

reading a lot

knitting a little (just the sleeves left, I think!)

dreaming about embroidery projects

marveling at how this is so true for us; there's always just the right amount and never so much we forget we need Him.

loving this cookbook

deciding that good (gluten-free) bread is worth the effort

playing this

thinking about the quiet and continual witness of the nuns in this book:

 "The nuns lived by the monastic rules...In a contemplative community, the offices together occupy about five hours of prayer time.  For a working community this is impracticable, so the Midwives of St Raymund Nonnatus had had a shortened version devised for them...The sight of this fair young face in the firelight, reading the ancient prayers, turning the pages quietly and reverently, her lips moving as she read, was deeply affecting.  I sat watching her and marvelled at the depth of a vocation that could make such a pretty young woman renounce life, with all its fun and opportunities, for a religious life bound by vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience..."

looking forward to my Saturday morning cup of coffee and a normal kind of weekend with my sweetheart, family and dear friends.

What are you doing?