take time

"I fervently hope that my reader will take time for Mother Culture this year. One way is to feed her mind. This equips her for guiding her children. In the earliest years of my motherhood I was an eager, but slow, learner. The “slow” was leftover from my less-than-empowering youth. Nevertheless, I poured through articles and books. I read in fifteen-minute-snatches while my energetic children played in the afternoon. I read beside the sandbox or beside the puddle pool (where my pages and I survived splashes). I read on the edge of the hot drive while tricycles wheeled happily around in circles. I read on rainy days while children played inside the living-room tent (a blanket supported by kitchen chairs.) Does this give you any ideas?    

 Fifteen minutes of reading now and again will do a mother a power of good. It takes two-to-three minutes to read a blog post. Perhaps in today’s on-line world fifteen minutes with a well-written book would be considered luxurious lingering, and not the quick “snatch” it once was. " 

~ Karen Andreola, from a recent post on her quiet, thoughtful blog, Moments with Mother Culture. Mrs. Andreola introduced me to Charlotte Mason many years ago and I go back and read her book over and over.

By the way, Goodreads has a nice little do-it-yourself reading challenge.  Its not too late to stretch yourself to read and grow this year!  Join me?  You can see my challenge and progress in the sidebar.