autumn manifesto: 2013

This autumn I will...

1.  Get outside every day: I will take morning walks and weekend hikes.  I will remember to love the rain on my skin.

2.  Fall in love with the new moon and stars:  I will go outside every night before bed to gaze at them and learn them.     I will learn the major constellations of the autumn sky.

3.  Bring color in: Instead of hothouse flowers, I will collect leaves and twigs, berries and cones.  

4.  Light candles, lots of candles.

5.  Drink tea:  every afternoon at 3:30.

6.  Read a few classics and some books that honor home and hearth:  I've got L.M. Montgomery and Louisa Alcott, Miss Read and Jan Karon on my mind.

7.  Open my heart:  be vulnerable and pursue (and accept!) community; everywhere I go, I will seek to be a blessing.

8.  Always be creating:  I will knit, crochet, sew and embroider.

9.  Indulge in the luxury of cooking meals:  I will try new seasonal colors, flavors, spices.  I will be grateful for the luxury of choosing from abundance and preparing at leisure.  I will pay attention, clean as I go, learn proper techniques and work at becoming a more competent cook.

10.  Enjoy more poetry: I will read it and write it.



(inspired once again by amanda.)