the one we prayed for

I've prayed for her every time I prayed for him; long years before I knew her name, long before she walked into our house and made me pay attention, like Abraham's servant, asking God if she was the one.

This summer, when he came home from school and told us his plans, we weren't surprised.  It was as though God had mapped out the journey in our hearts long ago and every step of the way was simply a familiar roadmark, a signpost we recognized from hours pouring over the guidebooks.  Once again I am convinced that prayer paves the way for peace, again the grace of God humbles and enfolds us.  

Last night, before we hugged them one last time and he drove her back to her parent's home, we got in a circle and prayed again, thanking God for a new daughter, a new sister, a friend we get to keep forever.   So often, the growing up of a child can feel like a door being closed, a time that has passed.  Last night I felt the door opening, the circle of our love widening, expanding.