a passing, and a light

Forgive me for disappearing....I am finding my way again, by the grace of God.  There's much to say, but I find it hard to say it.  Perhaps I will start with Wendell Berry's words and some images from a trip where the Lord healed some old, deep wounds.  I need patience yet, I'm walking slowly back into light and being very gentle with myself, so thank you for waiting with me.



Great deathly powers have passed:

The black and bitter cold, the wind

That broke and felled strong trees, the rind 

of ice that held at last



Even the fleshly heart

In cold that made it seem a stone.

And now there comes again the one 

First Sabbath light, the Art




That unruled, uninvoked, 

Unknown, makes new again and heals,

Restores heart's flesh so that it feels

Anew the old deadlocked




Goodness of its true home

That it will lose again and mourn,

Remembering the year reborn

In almost perfect bloom



In almost shadeless wood,

Sweet air that neither burned nor chilled

In which the tenderest flowers prevailed,

The light made flesh and blood.


Wendell Berry, Sabbath Poems