Prayers from Macrina Weiderkehr's book, Seven Sacred Pauses

The Night Watch - Midnight until Dawn:

"O Vigilant One...You stand alert at the gate of our hearts.  Tutor us in the fine art of keeping vigil that we may lovingly watch over the family of the earth with your own eyes of compassionate awareness.  With you as our guide, perhaps our loving vigilance will enable us to become healers in a world of violence....Give us attentive, peaceful hearts as we watch with you through the long, dark night."

The Awakening Hour - Dawn:

"To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving..." ~Kahlil Gibran


"Bathed in morning light, pray that the lantern of your life move gently this day into all those places where light is needed."


The Blessing Hour - Midmorning:

"Come with your transforming power.  Breathe upon and into my thoughts and actions this day.  Let my work be a labor of love.  May those who come in contact with me feel sheltered and cared for..."


"What is a blessing but a rain of grace

falling generously into the lives of those in need: 

and who among us is without need?

May the Spirit touch your spirit in this midmorning pause..."


The Hour of Illumination - Midday:

"Shine on me, oh Lord

for I am weary.

If I stumble this day

I fear I will never rise."  ~ Karen Ewan


"Peace is achieved by creating a world that is in alignment with the Will of God, not the ego."  ~James Twyman


The Wisdom Hour - Midafternoon:


"O Wisdom of the years....Give us the grace of tender seeing."


"We seek to live a more contemplative life so that we will not have to wait until we are dying to learn to live."  ~ James Finley


The Twilight Hour - Evening:

"Let evening come upon us

and bring your peace, O Lord.

Let hearts be stilled in quiet

and listen to your Word."

Judith Brower, O.S.B.


The Great Silence - Night:

"O You who began it all....I am listening to the night.  Everything is singing.  Do you hear the little things with wings that fly through the air and live in trees and meadows?  Everything is humming the song of the night.  Do you hear your forest creatures and their night songs?  And we, your beloved creatures who can only fly in our imaginations, we, too, fly with joy to the refuge of your heart, singing only our night songs."