Coperthwaite on fine things


A fine thing I love very much, found at a thrift store.


"Most of us enjoy having fine things.  How we define "fine" is going to affect greatly whether we live lives of quiet exploitation or of fairness.

For instance, having a fine house can be a matter of status, of expense and extravagance, or it can mean having the best house for you and your needs...a home that is fine because it is simply just right.

Having nice things does not have to mean having expensive things.  The quality of a thing comes from the knowledge and beauty it carries more than from its expense.  Having one of the best pancake-turners in the world is possible for anyone who finds out what constitutes a good pancake-turner.  Money need not enter the equation.

If you put many such small, incremental elements together, you can create one of the finest homes possible."  WM.S.Coperthwaite