my word


(Hello, dear friends!  It's been awhile!)

Flying back from Minnesota last week with a heart full up with the stories of good women, I couldn't quit thinking about this:  about the power we hold in our tongues, at the tips of these busy fingers; power to tear down, to destroy, to crush spirits, to build, to plant, to bring to life. 

Dear God, I thought, we dare to open our mouths.   

And even though I was flying home full up on truth words, life words, I thought about the silence here on the blog and I thought: perhaps after all, it is best to stay silent, to not offend, to not take risks.


i think the internet has become a darker, more fearful place for some delicate hearts and minds over the past few years....*


Sometimes you want to lay your head down in your arms and weep for the shame of it. 

All this fertile land before us and we sow tares...tears.


Flying west over the rim of the country, I had watched the landscape fade from white to brown in one gigantic stretch until finally up rose the ground into the craggy, humpbacked green of home.  I sat in my cramped airline chair and thought about the Word, Who stood on the rim of eternity and spoke out those mountains and plains, these galaxies, this sun; the raindrops and tigers and pansies and tulips and the tiny green frog that sings in the tree outside my window; all these people with their hearts and lungs and blood and bones.

The Word. Made in His image, we are.  Speakers, writers, sharers, Word-breathers.

The heart leaps up at that. 

Once at home days later, I picked up the book I'm reading, mind running circles with an endless interior dialogue about blogging, writing -  thinking about how even good words get twisted and people object and always there is the possibility of wounding.  I turned a page and Willard had a word for me:


"...much time is spent among Christians trying to smooth over hurt feelings and even deep wounds, given and received, and to get people to stop being angry, retaliatory, and unforgiving.  But suppose, instead, we devoted our time to inspiring and enabling Christians and others to be people who are not offendable and not angry and who are forgiving as a matter of course.


Suppose instead.

Suppose we devoted ourselves to making our words inspiring, hope-full, faith-full, grace-full and enabled others, by example, to do the same.  Suppose we became un-offendable and un-angry, forgiving as a matter of course and other people picked up on it and learned to become the same. 

We could try that, we really could.


But I also believe that if some of us continue to blog , post and share with the light in our hearts, filled with kindness, consideration and love of one another and of this place we call earth that perhaps those that have been frightened away may again feel it is a place of comfort , warmth and light.

*~resurrection fern

Made in His image, we are. 

All this fertile land lies before us....and we sow.


(I'll be back in this space now and then, as time and grace allow.  It's good to see you again, friends.)