yarn along 1.4

Knitting:  the Annabel cardigan in Quince Osprey.  I made some good progress over Thanksgiving...but when I counted my stitches I found I'd made some mysterious mistake.  It's hard being a beginner; I didn't really know how to fix it or where I'd went wrong.  I can hardly figure out how to count the rows.    I spent a couple of days wishing I'd stuck with crochet (so much easier and makes so much more sense to my brain) and then decided to just be a big girl and rip it out and start again.  So here we go again, this time with lifelines and note cards and lots of counting.

Reading: Pen Wilcock's seventh book in the Hawk and Dove series, The Breath of Peace.  If you haven't read this series yet, let me recommend it to you.  The books concern life and relationships in a medieval monastery and dear Pen Wilcock is brilliant at creating brutally honest characters and scenarios.  There's no insipid moralism here, just sincere and sometimes painful living out of faith and calling.  The Breath of Peace is the first book to deal with the struggles and joys of a marriage relationship and I have found myself in the pages many times.  (Thank you, Pen, for a beautiful series!)