It's the fifth day of Christmas, days full of celebrating and family and lots of relaxing.

~I'm listening to this while I work in the kitchen - which is not often since the Christmas Day rush.  We may be living on leftovers and take-out curry. Still, I can't wait to finish and then re-watch the mini-series.

~All my boys are having video game marathons and I spent a whole day on the couch reading this.  And this.  And this.  On long reading days, I have little routines:  2 chapters in each book, then a break to tidy the kitchen or fold some laundry, or go outside and stretch my legs, brew another pot of tea, find some chocolate.  In the last few years I've found that I often have to set a timer while I'm reading to help keep my focus or I find myself drifting off into google-land or pinterest or some such thing.   Behold the power of the internet to steal our concentration.  We have to keep fighting.

~My sweetheart has the whole next week off.  We'll start the new year off together.   That feels right.

Speaking of, I have a head full of ideas for the new year.  I bet you do too.  More on that later.

Till then, 

much love.