My goodness...this week just slipped away.  I got caught up in school planning (what?  you don't leave your planning until the week before school starts?) and remodling and the pounds and pounds of apples and plums coming through our door every day. 

It's an interesting season.  I was telling a friend the other day that it took me all year to discover what my word for this year is:  humility.  Or humiliation, I'm not sure which.  All I know is that every time I think I have this life thing figured out, God comes along and strips back another layer and invites me out of the smug self-confidence I've been nurturing. 

I used to think I knew things.  But now, in this season where people clamor for you to join them with your passion and your vote, I find myself saying things like, "Life is just hard for people, isn't it?" and "I wish we could have it both ways." 

I know some different things now than I used to.   One, is that people of every stripe are worth my time and respect.   It's amazing how perspective changes everything.  If I take the time to imagine that each person's reasons for their beliefs are as complicated and important as my own, then I slow down enough to hear them and understand them. 

And secondly, there's a reason that the New Testament tells us repeatedly to pursue unity with each other.  There's no other way for diverse people to love each other than to earnestly seek the things that connect us, rather than divide us.  In a way, it requires putting blinders on; intentionally choosing not to focus on areas of disagreement.  That's a hard task for a truth-teller/justice person like me.  

I was thinking about this as I read through Matthew the other day.  How the ultimate Truth, Jesus, confined Himself without complaint to a body, a tiny, dusty string of towns and a group of people who were hot-headed, religious, arrogant, and wandering around blind - just so He could love them.  Love us. 



 249 - 251/366:  scenes from the kitchen this week. 

Apples, plum cake, and making my first batch of kombucha!  That jellyfish-looking thing in the jar is the mother or SCOBY.  I know, looks delicious, doesn't it?  :)