223/366 - Finished!  the college-bound ripple blanket.

"The vow of stabilitas deals with a maintained and steady commitment of action...Stabilitas is therefore in the first place, and most obviously:  to remain with your community and not walk away from the context you have chosen." 

~Will Derkse in The Rule of St Benedict for Beginners

As usual, when life sends an unexpected opportunity, I find such comfort in the rhythms and understanding of the monastics.   Stabilitas, the vow of "not walking away" speaks to me now.   It is so easy to get swept up in good things, good plans, and be reluctant to release them when God sends a need that calls us back to the first commitment.   I tucked away the writing this His grace, planted my feet on this good road of loving and serving and praying instead.   Books will wait; teenagers will not.  And oh, how they need us to be ready, attentive, thoughtful, prayerful, available.   I am learning to look on setbacks as opportunity, not failure, for now is the time to see God provide in a new way.   How thankful I am for His gentle leading.  Thank you too, friends, for the encouragement and joy you graced me with over the last weeks.

"All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well."



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