shouting, poised, happy

193/366 - The bunny enclosure - starting to look pretty good this year! (and sweet Theo and BB).


For writers...and prayers and lovers and painters and parents and mercy-givers:  practice.


"Musicians instrument dies if not played daily.  A guitar, a violin, a lute chills the air for the first fifteen minutes of fresh play.  It will need to be quickened from scratch.  But the fiddle played every day hangs resonant on the wall, quietly boisterous when first it is lifted down, already trembling, anxious to speak, to cry out, to sing at the bow's first stroke.  Not to rasp, but to sing.  The instrument is in tune before the strings are tuned.

Pablo Casals used to put it so:  "If I don't practice for even one day, I can tell the difference when I next cradle the cello in my arms.  If I fail to practice for two days, my close friends can also tell the difference.  If I don't practice three days, the whole world knows."

Writers know this when they are writing daily.  With the first stroke, the hand may swim, the pen glide.  The cold glass of the window brightens; the rug has a biography....Everything speaks, or is powered by silence.  Everything dreams aloud.  The pen grows numb with haste, yet calm with plenty. 

Yes, there will be labor, and hours with sweat dripping off the elbows.  Yes, the words will have to be tuned - but the pen!  Already shouting, poised and happy." 

~ Kim Stafford, The Muses Among Us