growing up

163/366 - Patrice, in grass. (Not so little anymore!)

Since it was my eleventy-first birthday over the weekend (just kidding, it was my forty-first), I thought I'd have a little fun today. Twenty years ago I liked Taco Bell nachos, hanging out with my cute new husband, learning to cook, and watching "Lois and Clark" on Sunday nights. I'd never been out of the country, never been to an art gallery, thought a personal computer was a ridiculous extravagance, and I was sure the end of the world had arrived with Bill Clinton. Heh. Twenty-one year old self, I love you.

Here are 41 things I like now:

1. The summer sparrow's evening song.
2. Intelligent people.
3. Pipe smoke.
4. Matt Smith's Dr. Who.
5. Abstract art.
6. Erik Satie's "Gymnopedie"
7. Cardigan sweaters.
8. Other people's tattoos.
9. Grey hair on men.
10. Birds of all kinds (especially ducks).
11. Canoeing in the early morning.
12. Masterpiece Theater.
13. NPR.
14. Houseplants in every room.
15. Things made of wood.
16. Reading aloud.
17. Anytime Mr. P. is at home.
18. Cinnamon whiskey.
19. Mutuality.
20. Long walks.
21. Kindness.
22. Vintage Mercedes.
23. Teeny tiny beach cottages.
24. Mercy.
25. Handmaking/handmade.
26. The beautiful game.
27. Old trucks with new paint jobs.
28. Goodwill stores.
29. Coffee with cream and honey.
30. Poets. And their poetry.
31. Words, words, words.
32. Photography....some days.
33. Fairy tales.
34. Chopin.
35. Candlelight.
36. Wabi-sabi.
37. Afternoon naps in the sun, or tucked under blankets.
38. Good manners.
39. Real whipped cream.
40. My online friends - and my offline ones too, of course!
41. Knowing what I believe and why and not being intimidated about it.

If you feel inspired, leave me a few of your favorite things in the comment box. Maybe they'll be new to me and they'll make my list of 42 next year. :)