invited to silence

162/366 - Calliope's secret clutch

Another section from "The Monastery of the Heart" that I've been pondering - on silence:

"It is written," the Rule teaches,

"In a flood of words

you will not avoid sin."

We are expected, invited, then,

to surrender the satsifaction

of the too sharp retort,

the too sour remark,

the too common temptation

to dishonesty

that comes with the rattle

of empty speech,

of speech that is not reflective,

of speech that wastes the depth of life

on the mundane.


It is silence that shields us

from our first impulses

to resist changes

or reject new challenges

or rebut new ideas

or denounce the ideas

of others.

It is silence that refuses

to let us use humor to wound

or sarcasm to degrade

or criticism to demean.


It is silence that prepares us

to hear God."