just the way you are

142/366 - teacup wonder

I've got a confession:  I've come to love that the little old house has small, awkward spaces and low ceilings and more hillsides than lawn and room for only about 10 people comfortably.  I know I'm supposed to want a house designed for entertaining and room to throw a wedding or a retirement bash or at least a decent-sized Bible study; but I don't.   To me, it's perfectly wonderful to just have a handful of people over; to have small, intimate dinners and quiet birthday celebrations; to be able to give all your attention to one or two people instead of a crowd.  

As Lisa-Jo wrote one time, "Big hospitality is a matter of the heart, not the architecture." 

I'm so thankful for the people who have the space and emotional and physical resources to be hospitable on a grand scale.  But I look around this house He provided and see evidence of a God who knows me intimately and designed me for a specific sort of serving - quiet, small, focused.   He creates us unique and then He equips us exactly for what He asks of us; isn't it such a wonder?  I pray that each one of you will find rest in that idea today.   No fretting, no striving, no worrying, just resting within the limits He gives and daring to flourish in your own unique way.

much love to you, friends.