the dress that goes with the patch


132/366 - the Marc Jacobs/Goodwill dress (photos by Caleb)

I think I've posted more pictures of myself in the last two months than in the whole seven years prior,  but I know you were dying to see that Marc Jacob dress (or at least two of you were).  I cut off about 4 inches of ruffle and eyelet and I think it's much cuter now.  I would recommend though, if you are going to get into fashion photography and modeling as I apparently am, don't throw the designer dress on over the t-shirt in which you were working in the yard.  Truth is - and I hate to break this to you - I'm a homeschooling mom, and fashion photos have to happen in that snip of time between yard work and algebra. 

Make sure you get my good side, dahling.  That's right. Snap. Now get your math done.