109/366 - reading Mr. Rogers

I'm still on chapter one.  I've read just that chapter twice now and I've cried through every page.  I'm reading this book ever-so-slowly because Fred Rogers is my hero.  How can you not be in absolute awe of the man?   You'll hear more from this book in the future.

"...the first question I had already decided to ask him was why he so often emphasized slowing the pace and taking time to reflect.  Why was that so important for his audience?  He paused, of course, before answering.

"I think, for me, I need to be myself."

Another pause.

"And I've never been a kind of a hyperactive, runaround kind of person.  I think one of the greatest gifts that we can give anybody is the gift of one more honest adult in that person's life - whether [the recipient] be a child or an adult.

"And so, for me, being quiet and slow is being myself, and that is my gift."

The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers - Amy Hollingsworth