a bit of quiet and calm

88/366 - a little color, a little creating on a rainy spring day; not exactly done in solitude, but quiet and peaceful all the same. (photo by Meg)

"Rituals of quiet and calm encourage us to enjoy our own good company:  they help us to replenish our own wells, which get depleted in the busyness and rush of everyday demands and pressures.  An expression often used in our family is, "Ah, a moment's peace!"  Bishop John Coburn of Massachusetts says he takes time to be alone each morning so "I won't be worn thin."  A time set apart each day, when you can unwind, be in touch with and restore yourself, is as necessary as a nutritious diet and enough sleep.  But, in addition to this we all need the daily ritual of solitude. ~Living A Beautiful Life:  Alexandra Stoddard

"In solitude we give passionate attention to our lives, to our memories, to the details around us."  ~  Virginia Woolf