spring manifesto

87/366 - miniature hummingbird feeders in the flower boxes.  Can I just say that as a non-photographer-type person posting a picture every day is sometimes gloriously fun and sometimes really a pain in my you-know-what?  Thank you.

::Family Spring Manifesto::


1. Get outside every single day.

2. Color.  Create.  Especially on rainy days.

3. Don't miss new life.  Walk in our woods, watch for the buds and nests and flowers.

4. Nurture.  Plant and tend, care for the new babies that are on the way.

5. Listen to the music of spring.  Hear the bird songs, the rain on the roof, the wind in the trees.

6. Less screen time.  More books, more games.

7. Cultivate gratitude.

8. Notice the night sky.  Go out every night right before bed and see the moon and stars.

And a few more just for me:

9.  More skirts!  More dresses! Because they make me feel happy.

10. Continue to cultivate a deep prayer life.

11. Say yes to giving love, without hesitation.  Whether the need shows up in an email or at church or on the phone or in a sign held by a man on the roadside.  Say yes to love without fear.


*Amanda's winter manifesto was the inspiration for our spring version.