79/366 - alterations

Miscellaneous from the weekend:

  • Went to the shopping mall Friday night.   Dismayed to find that clothes are a) unattractive, b) mostly poorly made of bad fabrics, c) expensive, or alternately, d) so cheap you can't help but think about the sweatshops behind them.   
  • Resolved to more thrifting and sewing.
  • And exercising.  Must get back to walking. 
  • Made mashed turnips and rutabagas for supper.  Not bad at all.  Surprised.
  • Thinking about this and how I want to age gracefully.  Don't you love what this woman says?  "Don't try and look younger, just look as wonderful as you can."
  • Spending time with people, hearing their stories and their hearts, is one of the finest joys of life.  (Thank you, Rachel, for sharing yours this weekend.)