absolute kingdom

75/366 - remains of the day

(Thinking through our conversations of the last few days.  Thank you for sharing your stories.)

Some more Scot McKnight that is resonating today:

~Jesus not only believed the kingdom was connected to him and to his mission and teachings, but he believed the kingdom of God was no breaking into history in himself.  No one ever summed this up more succinctly or more memorably than Origen, that hard-to-classify early Christian theologian, when he said Jesus was not only absolute wisdom, righteousness, and truth, but also "absolute kingdom."  The word Origen used for Jesus was that he was autobasileia, that is, the "very kingdom itself in person."  p 100

~ We do know that in the earliest churches the leaders publicly read from the gospel [what we call the four gospels] weekly, something we need to revive once again in our churches.  It was this constant immersion in the Gospel[s] that created the potential for gospel culture. p 91