more ordinary thoughts on staying

74/366 - handwork/schoolwork; and another sick day nap


Poverty, injustice, the need for the gospel, sometimes it's just a little easier to feel compassion when we're looking through a long lens at the exotic and unfamiliar.  But the poor next door?  That looks like welfare, and questions about entitlement and an underlying feeling that people really should be able to help themselves if they try hard enough.  Injustice?  Well, that's kind of complicated.... One person's sense of injustice is another person's carefully held rights.  (Immigration debate, anyone?)  Or maybe it's just too overwhelming to try and figure out the balance between the need for my child to have shoes and the cheap labor in Asia that provided those budget-friendly shoes.

But the call to stay means, in part, that we have to stand up and face our own questions.  We have to take the Word and inspect our own realities, measuring them against the all-demanding gospel.  We won't all necessarily agree on the answers, but as Walter Breuggemann said, we can quit with the debates already and just GO do justice.


The best part about blogging is the wisdom you get back from others for free.

Dawn left this in yesterday's comments:

I remember a challenging talk at a missions conference a few years ago, that said in a nutshell that many sign up for international ministry, in truth, because it is so much more exciting and glamorous to go off "Adventuring for Jesus" than it is to stay here. Much harder to love the broken right next door. In our own culture. With no awesome photos or stories at fundraising dinners.

I remember thinking, what if we all did that? What if we hosted "missionary talks" for each other, and listened to each others stories and looked at each others photos? What if we gathered stories and photos from our regular days with regular people as if we were Adventuring for Jesus here? Sure would change the way we lived our lives here and now, if we lived like missionaries...

I think that's a pretty fabulous idea.

Like Kara said in the same thread:

the ordinary is really quite extraordinary when you take a good look at it....

What do you think?  Any ideas how we could make this happen?  How we could celebrate the brave souls who dare to take the gospel out their own front doors?  I'd love to chat with you about it.