I heard an old, old story...

72/366 - telling the story again (Ann's free devotional here.)

"Evangelicalism is known for at least two words:  gospel and (personal) salvation.  Behind the word gospel is the Greek word euangelion and evangel, from which words we get evangelicalism and evangelism.  Now to our second word.  Behind salvation is the Greek word soteria.  I want now to make a stinging accusation.  In this book I will be contending firmly that we evangelicals (as a whole) are not really "evangelical" in the sense of the apostolic gospel, but instead we are soterians.  Here's why I say we are more soterian than evangelical:  we evangelicals (mistakenly) equate the word gospel with the word salvation.  Hence, we are really "salvationists."  When we evangelicals see the word gospel, our instinct is to think (personal) "salvation."  We are wired this way.  But these two words don't mean the same thing..."  

Scot McKnight  The King Jesus Gospel: The Original Good News Revisited