more than one way...

40/366 - making connections on the history timeline

Right about February my mind starts to wander.  Suddenly I'm weary of the lesson plans and book lists.  That's okay;  if I believed that strict schedules and tightly followed curricula were the only way to learn I'd go enroll them in school.  But life has proven to me over and again that kids love to learn and will do so whether I orchestrate it or not. 

So we take a couple of easy days, no worries.  At noon we work on projects and eavesdrop on Meg's Dante lecture.  We drink lots of tea.  He invents a card game based on mythological characters.  Late in the afternoon I catch him with the history timeline all rolled out, exclaiming over familiar names and places.  

That'll do for today.

(note: Caleb is looking at The Timechart History of the World - 6000 years of World History Unfolded

It's a reproduction of an 1890's timechart, so it represents a somewhat antiquated worldview, but it has all the major events of history including much of biblical history.  It's quite lovely, amazingly detailed and a lot of fun to look at.  Hat tip to Ann for posting this last year and piquing his interest.)