on justice, part 1:definition

59/366 - unpeel

Since I am still just beginning to process what we heard and saw at the Justice Conference, I think I'll begin by sharing my notes for a few days.  I've tried to keep these as close to what the speakers actually said, but thanks for your grace (to me and the speakers!) if I get them wrong at all.

Ken Wytsma, the founder of the conference, spoke first and laid an amazing foundation for the meaning of the word "justice."  I was able to find a clip of Ken speaking online where he gives a shorter version of this definition, so I've included it here.  This is absolutely foundational for understanding how to live out the gospel.  I hope you'll have time to watch.

What is the meaning of 'Justice'? from :redux on Vimeo.


Other things he said that weren't included in the clip:

The words for "righteousness" and "justice" are almost interchangeable in the Scriptures.  We tend to think of righteousness as a matter of personal holiness and piety, but that is not what it means.  Righteousness is a "right relationship with God and others"  - the same as the definition for Justice.

You can substitute the words in several key verses and begin to hear them differently:

"Blessed are those who are persecuted for justice's sake."

"The kingdom of God is about justice, peace and joy."

"The just shall live by faith."

~ Justice both surfaces the need for, and is made complete by, GRACE.

We cannot make a completely just world by ourselves.  We are helpless.  We can't even walk across the lawn without crushing a blade of grass.  But this leads us into the arms of grace and it is His grace and strength that will make us equal to the task of living justly and cover us where we cannot.