his time

310/366 - This boy. We've been walking together for a lot of years now, starting when he was just tiny and I would lug him the two miles to the elementary school and back to pick up his brothers and sister. All those years of walking, one thing has stayed the same: that's his time to talk. In a house of teenagers with lots of activity and friends and opinions and things to say, the youngest can get drowned out. But on those walks, he gets my undivided attention. I can tell you quite a lot about Pokemon, Minecraft, Dr. Who, and various video games just from the hours of listening. But quite often, in the middle of a ramble about seemingly unimportant things, he will see a connection to something spiritual, a question he has about God or life or his future, and then we have all that space to talk it out, all the way to the end of the trail and back.