let us draw near

297/366 - (chicken) bone broth ready for the freezer.

298/366 - hops in autumn

299/366 - all that remains of our last chicken; something is coming and taking our poultry one by one from a fenced enclosure, leaving no trace.  We have 4 ducks left and we've locked them in their house for now.  Sad days here.


~ The week didn't turn out at all as I'd planned - do they ever? - but I arrive at Friday with such a sense of God's presence and care.

I used to think we were supposed to plan it all out, order our steps, do the right things, be faithful and obedient, and then God would smile down benevolently from His heights and nod, a sprinkle of blessing falling down to glitter us and make us shine. 

But now I know that blessing comes from His nearness; that God IS love and joy and peace and to be close to Him, even in our brokenness and weakness and failure,  is to be wrapped in that glow.  And wrapped in that comfort and presence, faithfulness and obedience become a heart's desire, not a burden.  His yoke is easy.  So "let us draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith..." (Hebrews 10:22) 

I continue to pray for all of you who have shared your stories.  I've read every comment, every email and your words and your names are being lifted up to Christ.  

with much love.