with thanks

292/366 - fall Saturday morning

Ah friends, thank you for your sweet words and your support and love on the last post.   I do plan on leaving the post up, though this story is not just about me and my worry is about exposing more than I should of another person's story.  It's a tricky balance, isn't it? 

I want you to know that I am praying especially for those of you who shared that you are in similar circumstances.  My heart goes out to you and the weariness you face.  I know it so well.  Over the years I've found that there is no way to hold in my too-small hands all the worries and fears for the long future ahead of us.  I can only hold this one day and these right-here-now moments in prayer and let Christ carry the weight of the future.  Joy is found in that immediate space:  where I surrender and God supplies.

I pray that joy for each of you today.

So much love.