music, no complaints and a live bird!

284/366 - morning devotions

I wake up to the dark now, which is a pleasure to me.  I've always felt most comfortable when I'm enclosed by warmth and soft, dim light.  I love our little old house on the hill for the way it's tucked into the hillside, the back windows looking at a wall of green and the trees towering over and around us.  When I was a girl in southern Idaho - they called that "Big Sky" country with its broad expanses of flat, brown land and wide open blue skies - I always felt exposed and unsteady, like I might fall right off the face of the world.  When my family moved to western Oregon, I knew I was in my proper home at last; a place for hobbits and maybe wood-elves.

While I have my devotions, I've been playing Arvo Part's symphonies.  His tender, emotional compositions feel like fall and winter to me and they enhance my reading and prayers.  I'm not really a music person.  I find most music a distraction, actually, and have to be in a certain mood to listen to it, but I find the modern composers with their more spare compositions - like Part and Satie - relaxing.   Here's a sample of Arvo Part:  Silouans Song.

Meagan's still life, ready to paint.  (photo by Meagan)

The rains are coming, the weather man says.  We've had none since July and I can feel the dryness in the air and the leaves.  I'm anxious for my little world to be washed again, though everywhere I go people are mourning the end of the sunshine.   It occurs to me that there are two things I never want to do again:  complain about weather and complain about being busy.  I wonder if we do it out of lack of imagination?  For surely there is nothing more mundane than telling the person you meet how unhappy you are with the sun/rain/cold/wind/snow/heat or telling them that you are just. so. busy! 

~ I'm getting my little world back in order, finally.  A friend of mine has been raving about Pomodoros and how they help her get her work done each day, so I downloaded the app this morning and have been working to my little timer all day.  (Confession:  I didn't read anything about the technique; it was enough for me to just have the timer.)  It's absolutely amazing what you can do with 25 minutes of focused effort.  I think if I could keep this focus I could really accomplish something! Tomorrow I'm going to introduce this to my children.  Mwahahaha.

That reminds me of something I read in the Marilynne Robinson interview I have in the sidebar.  I love this woman.  Look how much she has accomplished doing things her own way.  That whole interview is pretty terrific, if you have time to read it.

I really am incapable of discipline. I write when something makes a strong claim on me. When I don’t feel like writing, I absolutely don’t feel like writing. I tried that work ethic thing a couple of times—I can’t say I exhausted its possibilities—but if there’s not something on my mind that I really want to write about, I tend to write something that I hate. And that depresses me. I don’t want to look at it. I don’t want to live through the time it takes for it to go up the chimney. Maybe it’s a question of discipline, maybe temperament, who knows? I wish I could have made myself do more. I wouldn’t mind having written fifteen books.

Winston, King of all he surveys.  (photo by Meagan)

Finally, I thought you might like a picture of a live bird after the last couple of days.  He's pretty charming, don't you think?

And since I've been ending these rambles with dinner notes:  roast chicken tonight.  I'll be making bone broth tomorrow (along with cake for a very special surprise party!  So happy!)

If you are interested in gluten free, whole foods cooking, I just got my copy of Nourishing Meals in the mail today.  I have Tom and Ali's older cookbook and it is my favorite. I highly recommend this for anyone who is trying to change their diet and needs to learn to think about food differently.  It's so instructive and practical and good for families.  That's just my opinion - no hidden promotions or kickbacks.  :)

Hope you have a wonderful day!

much love.