no island

        3/366 - winter rain jewels adorn all the branches and sparkle at me through the windows

"I grew up taking care of my own problems...I'm a little island. [...] So what happens to an island when dear friends build a bridge?  She weeps.  She accepts the traffic.  Perhaps she is saved.  But she is changed forever.  And at some point she begins to realize that she never was really an island at all.  Beneath the surface of the water she is interconnected with other apparent islands, with valleys and ridges molded by the water and forces deep within the earth.  She is part of an entire mountain chain - everything connected to everything else."  ~ Evelyn Searle Hess "To the Woods"


A truth making itself known to me in new ways, and something John Donne knew long ago.  We memorized this famous piece one learning year.  It roams my thoughts often.

And to you bridge builders?  Thanks...