new ways

28/366 - a stack of new cookbooks (and an old favorite).

Learning to listen to the body, not my ideals. 

I've had a new stack of cookbooks to learn from this week.  At least we keep things interesting around here.

I know a couple of you have been interested in our GAPS diet experiment.  We only lasted about 6 weeks on it, but it was long enough for us to realize that our high-starch (gluten-free grains, beans and rices, etc.) vegetarian diet was not working for our particular metabolic makeup.  It was a very hard transition for me emotionally and mentally, but the kids and I feel so much better physically and we know this is the right step for us for now.  Since then we've been learning to make a permanent lifestyle out of grain-free eating.   Below are links to the books and websites I've been using.  

The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook - (The old favorite.  Not grain free, but a great resource for nutritious ideas with vegetables)

Well Fed/blog:  The Clothes Make the Girl

Make It Paleo/blog:  The Food Lovers' Primal Palate

The Paleo Diet Cookbook

Gluten-Free Cupcakes/blog:  Elana's Pantry


So what do we eat?  Meat, eggs, vegetables, vegetables and more vegetables.  Fruit, nuts, seeds, lots of healthy fats and honey. 

What don't we eat?  Grains, beans, legumes, white potatoes, corn, soy, refined sugar or dairy (for now).

In its own way, it's the simplest diet we've had in a long time.  That makes me happy.