cheerfulness and courage

18/366 - second day of snow...candles set on repeat.

Just as obedience is a positive attitude, wanting to listen before anyone has spoken, grumbling is a kind of negative speech before attentive listening, or also because listening has not been done attentively....

Grumbling obscures vision, drains energy, and touches the heart.  This is true for "internal" as well as "external" grumbling.  Those who internally grumble and complain can no longer see clearly and listen - because another voice is already speaking, their attention and energy is directed to something other than what is going on at the moment, and therefore they cannot do their task any longer "from the heart."  [...]

Fortunately, there is an antidote against grumbling, namely, cheerfulness...Cheerfulness has to do with being courageous - a character trait not needed when everything works smoothly, but only when we meet barriers, adversity, worry, and uncertainty."  ~ Will Derkse  The Rule of Benedict for Beginners