health on the way

11/866 - sun beginning to light the trees...a bit how my soul is feeling.

Healing is coming....I can feel it stirring through every part:  emotionally, spiritually, creatively, physically.

I snapped this picture when the kids and I were out walking.  It feels so good to press myself towards health, to resist the pull of lethargy and apathy and use this body, however simply.

Misha had some beautiful thoughts about healing and our bodies in relation to God yesterday.  Do read the whole post if you can. 

I think our bodies are meant to be a canvas. Whether in brokenness or valour they will one way or another tell a story about who God is. From the intricacies of our cells and double helix, to the rosy hue our cheeks take on when in fresh air, to the delicacy and fineness so easily hurt - we are made in the image of magnificence and we worship Him when we enjoy that.

How we treat our bodies, our canvas, I think then could be described as our love letter back to Him. Our responses born from understanding His character and goodness, His sovereignty and care. Whether we are suffering or celebrating -  how we relate to food, sleep, water, sex, affection and enjoyment all sing out what we believe about Him. And what we believe He feels about us.

It's a palette of dark and light colours - and I still don't understand it all, nor do I live the parts I do believe consistently. But it's something I spend a lot of time thinking and asking questions about.