dear new year

1/366- New Year's Eve bonfire

Dear New Year,

Welcome.  I'm up early this morning to greet you, name or no name.   I've been thinking a lot about the traditional resolutions, all the plans I usually make and the new schedules and the big projects and... I think I'm just going to skip all that, if you don't mind. 

Actually, I had a different idea:  one where I quit trying to figure everything all out and just let God tell you what to bring me day by day.  Being present to one day at a time, you know?  I'll just wait here with my eyes open and my hands ready to receive whatever it is, if that's okay. 

And I was thinking....I'll bring the camera along.  And some words.  And I'll just let them be what they are each day without obsessing or trying to shape them into something grand or beautiful or even...acceptable.  I guess what I'm saying is, I really need to drop the perfectionism and that pretty much terrifies me.

So here we go.  One day at a time, taking whatever comes our way.