just plummy

The plums are ripe at last.  I've been watching them anxiously, wondering if we'd get a good crop this year - last year was dismal - especially after the long, cold beginning of summer.  But the sun came through for us the last two months and we have three trees full of the beautiful Italian Prune/Plums.  After the picking comes a day in the kitchen.  Plums morning, noon and night.

Morning:  plum clafoutis (grain-free and GAPS legal)

Based on this recipe.  I doubled it, halved the butter/oil (WHY are grain free recipes so loaded with oil?), used yogurt instead of sour cream (the cream from a can of coconut milk would be fine too) added nutmeg, cardamom and cloves.  Absolutely delicious.

Noon:  Plum Jam/Sauce

Plum Noir Jam.  Or not quite, since I used honey instead of sugar.  I didn't have any Pomona pectin to help with the lower sugar gel, so this batch turned out to be more of a plum noir sauce.  It will be heavenly over pancakes or ice cream, though.

Night:  Tart

Plum Tart (grain free and GAPS legal) to treat the tired and hungry soccer players when they come home later tonight.  I haven't put this in the oven yet, but the dough was very yummy.  I spiced it with nutmeg and cloves again, used honey for the sweetner. 

Tomorrow the rest of the plums get halved and put in the freezer until we need more jam.  The frozen halves are also a nice cool-down treat by themselves or added to smoothies, where they turn everything a nice pink color.