one week - wednesday


*Planting for fall: arugula, mache, lettuce, kale

*Almond pulp crackers

*The violets take their weekly bath

*Post Office rounds

*Errand break - pull off to the side of the road and have a soda in the shade

*Home again: Hammock

*"Are you seriously taking my picture?" (apple basket a day and I should be able to keep up.  Maybe.)

I'm all kinds of excited about harvesting this year.  When I was out planting today I set a goal of growing the majority of our greens this fall and winter.  And Caleb and I are trying to harvest and dry enough mint so that we won't have to buy any peppermint tea this coming year.  I think we'll be a little short, but it's a good goal for a young harvester.  He was out early this morning picking and laying out the leaves to dry.   Our gallon jars are filling up fast.   It's quite empowering to grow and preserve your own food.  It's also quite tiring.  I'm off to bed. 

'till tomorrow,