one week - tuesday

I spent a lot of time working with food today.  Hours seem to disappear when you are preparing whole foods for your family.  Not that I'm and nutrition are passions for me and I love this kind of work. 

We are on a therapeutic diet right now that is giving me a new challenge.  I'm learning to make fermented foods for the first time and figuring out how to cook meat again.   It was a really difficult decision to leave behind our mostly-vegetarian lifestyle.  I have always found a spiritual rest in not eating animals - perhaps a glimpse of the world to come when God puts all creatures at peace - and it took me a long time to accept that for now, we have to live with the life and death reality of the world.  This is too small a space to say it all and say it well,  but we are improving on this new diet and I know we've made a good choice. 

(One note:  I don't want to give anyone the impression that our improvement is simply a meat vs. veggies issue.  For us, it's been the elimination of grains, starches (including beans) and sugar.  Bodies are so complex and we each need to find what works for our own health.)

* Laying out herbs to dry: sage, mint, clover buds.

*Our make-do dehydrator.

*Meal planning.


*A little prep work for the week.  In the pink jar is umeboshi radish pickles - so delicious!  I also started sauerkraut and fermented ketchup.

*Collecting flower seeds for next year.

*Planning out the new school year.


until tomorrow,