one week - sunday

The lovely Kyrie at are so happy had a beautiful series of posts about a  "week in the life" recently.  I've been wrestling with how to ease back into the blog, but when I saw her posts I knew this was perfect.  Our circumstances have changed a bit and I haven't been comfortable writing in the same way as I have in the past.  I think blogs with any kind of longevity move through different seasons anyway.  I am looking forward to sharing other parts of our lives now - simple, quiet offerings of our work and passions and learning.  Thanks for coming with me, as always.



*Chant music on the way to church.

*10 years for a miracle boy.

*Lifetime friends.

*Always a good listener.

*Grain-free pancakes with melty whipped cream and huckleberries: what you have for dinner to make up for not being able to have any of the birthday party dessert.

*Wrapping up the day with books - the way all best days end.

Tonight is the official end of our vacation.   I hate the thought of sending Mark out the door to work again tomorrow; I like having him here so much.  But it will be good to get back to the regular work and rhythm that makes our lives hum.  There's a lot of pleasure to be had in a well-ordered routine, I think.  Beauty follows order as the saying goes.  And you know how  I cherish beautiful things.  

'till tomorrow.