hard work and high spirits: part 2


It's amazing what you learn about yourself when you trace back the years on pen and paper.

I wrote it in almost every journal:  "I wish I could be a runner...but...."

I wrote that more often than "I wish I was a writer," which - surprisingly - turned up only once in ten years. 

My "buts" were usually followed by excuses like, "I just don't have time,"  "I'm too busy,"  and the most common,  "Running is harder for me than it is for other people.  I just can't do it." 

Yeah, it does sound pretty lame.  But it makes a lot more sense when you are actually pounding along some trail gasping for breath and cursing your aching calves.  

Still, I thought about the next decade of journals and what I want to read when I'm turning 50. 

I don't want to read a bunch of excuses.

Hard work.  High Spirits.

No Excuses.

5 AM. Every single day.

So far?  21 days. 48 miles. 2 Knee braces.  Not quitting.

No excuses.

And since I'm out there pushing myself, I don't want to waste it. 

Eat Like a Grown Up:

(breakfast: hard-boiled egg and avocado)

 (lunch:  big green salad with pumpkin seeds and cherries)



Running is Hard  (apparently I'm not the only one with this excuse!)

Make Exercise a Daily Habit  (vital article for us)

DailyMile  (Where we log our miles...so exciting to see the numbers add up!)


more tomorrow...