hard work and high spirits: part 3

22 years ago we had our first conversation across the tailgate of his pickup truck.  We were volunteering at a church youth home in the city and taking a lemonade break in the shade of a tall tree.  He took a long drink, then pointed his cup back at the house. 

"I'd like to do something kind of like that some day.  Have a little place out in the country where kids could get out of the city and find some peace.  Have some animals, gardens, fresh air.  Maybe a place where someone in trouble could find a little refuge."

I took another look at him and felt my heart beat quicker.  I had literally just been thinking the same thing...who was this guy? 

My husband, as it would turn out.  And that conversation was the seed of a dream that God laid in both our hands.  I had all but forgotten that we'd planted it until I read through the journals and saw with some surprise the tending of another Gardener.  

The dream has changed a bit as we have grown.  The vision maturing and becoming more of what God intended all along, I suspect.  I'm not ready to write it all down in this space yet, but we are beginning to look at the next part of our lives with different eyes. 

A few of our dreams...the parts that are easier to see:

(This is Tasha Tudor's garden.  A girl can dream can't she?)



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