in the school of prayer - prayer book

Before we get back to Andrew Murray's book next week, an idea for remembering and organizing prayer needs...

A simple notebook (the plainer, the better, so I am not afraid to use it.  A Moleskine Cahier journal this time around.)

Inscribed with my personal call to prayer.

Divided into seven days of the week (tabs made with index cards and packing tape.)

Each day a theme, areas of our lives that I want to linger over and offer to the Lord and Scriptures that speak to those themes:

  • Monday - Marriage, Relationships, Home
  • Tuesday - Spiritual Life, Ministry
  • Wednesday - Work, School
  • Thursday - Friendships, Missionaries
  • Friday - Finances, Giving, Health
  • Saturday - Community, Neighbors, Confession
  • Sunday - Church, Rest

On the following pages, specific prayer requests.  If you've asked me to pray for you, your name is in this book somewhere.  Whatever day it is, when I learn of a need, I just pencil it in.   Urgent requests that need continual prayer go on a sticky note and move with me through the week. When a request is answered, I check it off and make a note.  In this way I have a record of thanksgiving as well. 

Easy to put together and so helpful for remembering and keeping promises to pray. 


Next week I'll be sharing my thoughts from Lesson Sixteen:  "Speedily, though bearing long" or The Power of Persevering Prayer

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