come and see the view from over here

It was almost 20 years ago, but I can still put my finger on the spot where grace cracked through. 

We had a young couple over for dinner, my new husband and I.  They were about to head out on the mission field and were sharing their vision with us over casserole and ice water.   Dave put his fork down and grinned. 

"Have you guys seen that new movie?"

Mark and I slid glances at each other.  Umm...yes, we had, but I wasn't planning on sharing that tonight.

"We did too!  What did you think?"

I cleared my throat and began to list my concerns with the movie:  innuendo, language, improper worldview.  I combed my mind to make sure I wasn't missing anything a good christian should be picking up on.

Dave's smile stayed in place though it dimmed a bit.  "Oh.  Well, I was going to ask if you had noticed the resurrection theme running through it?   At one point I was just so excited by it I wanted to shake everyone and ask if they'd just seen Jesus like I had!"

Jesus?  In the movie?  I was speechless. 

And then, a little crack appeared in the hardened spot right over my heart and I understood.  I got it.  I knew exactly what Dave was talking about.  You could see Jesus; but only if you left your perch and came and stood on the grace side.

"What did you go out to see?"  Jesus asked the crowd who were questioning John the Baptist's credentials.

A reed swayed by the wind?

A man dressed in soft clothing?

A prophet?

"What did you go out to see?"

Dave was trying to tell me something important:  we usually find what we are looking for.

If you go out searching for it, you can find error woven through every book, every song, every movie, every mission, every person.

But if you go out looking for Him, you can find Christ. 

God is a Redeemer.   He walks among sinners - and His presence infuses honor and beauty and worth to things that have no honor or beauty or worth.  It is the nature of God to rescue and restore.   Once we know the God-story, revealed to us in Christ Jesus, we can learn to recognize His fingerprints throughout His creation.  He laces His Truth through people and cultures and time and philosophy and art and nature and song and words.  Not everything is true.  Not everthing is God.  But God's Truth is everywhere. 

All Truth is God's Truth. 

He is always whispering to us if we have eyes to see and ears to hear. 

Today...what did you go out to see?