creativity and beauty in letters

Dear friends,

Today I want to share with you a beautiful letter.  Most letters are lovely for the words and companionship they contain, but some are gifts in and of themselves.  I had no idea before I began corresponding with you ladies that there were so many possiblities for loveliness.  

My dearest Laure-of-the-poetry is marvelously creative and sends exquisite letters: 

Tucked into an ordinary postal envelope last week, was this surprise (wrapped in delightful):

Inside was this little treasure:

And inside that, was a little pocket pasted to the cover...

with these gorgeous cards.  (Somehow, Laure knows exactly which images I will like.)

and on the back, gossamer words and pearls of friendship...

Such a treasure to find in the mail box on a grey winter day.   I have kept it on my desk and opened it frequently, enjoying every bit.

Thank you, Laure.

I have to smile when I think about all you sweet Society ladies writing each other and finding ways to bring beauty into these ordinary moments in our lives.  It has been so fun to help some of you connect with new pen pals and such a blessing to see you on your own blogs inviting correspondence.  I hope you are inspired to new possibilities today! 

It's February...the unofficial month of love... let's go crazy and spread it around.

Send some beauty,

write some history.

much love.