for this we give thanks: week two

I recommend not getting sick while you are trying to stick to a tight messes with all your plans.  

But of course, in real life people do get sick.  They have accidents and unexpected events and all kinds of things that interrupt their well-laid plans.  And when you live on the margins, any small thing can push you right over the edge.  

These limits are good for me, forcing me to be aware of the luxuries of my life. 

From the Common Prayer book for today:

Fifth-century monk Nilus of Ancyra wrote, “We should remain within the limits imposed by our basic needs and strive with all our power not to exceed them. For once we are carried a little beyond these limits in our desire for the pleasures of life, there is then no criterion by which to check our onward movement, since no bounds can be set to that which exceeds the necessary.”

Dispel our illusions, Jesus : that we might see the wisdom of your way.

Week two check-in:

Goal for the month of November:  $900

Week one shopping:  $149.24

Week two shopping:  $149.42

Monthly co-op order:  $181.00

Amount remaining:  $420.34

Despite the fact that I did not personally go shopping last week, we still stayed within the budget and we had plenty to eat.    Thank You, Lord. 

A basic menu  - from what I can remember *smile*:


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