for this we give thanks: day one


The practical side of my plans this month: 

I wish I could get down to half our budget as Heather did, but I'm already watching pennies pretty closely so I'm going to set a goal of cutting about 25%.

That makes my food spending goal for the month of November* $900. 

The details:

  • This will be just groceries, not household goods and toiletries, etc.  
  • Even though we have been on a special diet (no grains or starches, including beans, potatoes and corn), I'll be adding in a small amount of grains and beans to help ease costs.
  • I'll forgo buying the more expensive organic, free-range meats and dairy I prefer and buy what's available at my local store.
  • Whatever I save will be donated to a food program, either local or international.  I'm still praying about that. 
  • My focus will be thanksgiving and abundance, rather than doing without. 
  • I'll be posting throughout the month and sharing menus, recipes and hopefully some genius cost-cutting tricks....if I figure any out.  *smile*




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*We have a family of six:  2 adults, 3 boys: 18,17,12 and a girl, 16