for a healing day...


Have you seen this lovely series at are so happy?   We all need to care for ourselves regularly.  I've felt it this week...a little bruised and weary from the ordinary bumps and bangs of living.  When I woke up this morning I knew I needed to stop and make a healing day... for everyone's sake.

Recipe for a healing day at my house:

~ I'm very sensitive to noise and music affects me deeply, so I asked the teens to please not play any of their music today.  It's not that it's all bad, but the extra noise creates a lot of inner tension for me. 

Very quietly in the background, I have Fernando Ortega on Pandora.

~ My body feels very tired, so I'm paying close attention to nourishment.

Drinking extra green smoothie this morning.

This soup simmering for lunch.

Hot apple cider on the stove.

~ Spending the morning cleaning the house and lighting candles.  We'll do our learning hours after lunch so I can feel in charge of my environment.

~ Wearing:  something comfortable, but also something that makes me feel lovely.  Today it is a long black skirt, tights and a purple sweater.

~ Limiting media and blog reading because too many ideas and too much stimulation makes me feel overwhelmed.  (Yes, I'm an HSP.)

~ PrayingThree times a day, Lord willing.

~ Confession:  to friends....oh how it cleanses the heart.

~ Apologizing:  to those who've borne the brunt of my snappishness this week.

~ Reading:  Scripture.


The Lord bless you and keep you dear friends.  May He grant you a healing and nurturing day of your own.