cor meum dabo


Remembering this quote today, from the powerful and beautiful book, The Island of the World, by Michael O'Brien.

"For most of my life, I have been a very quiet person - nearly wordless except on paper - and that too has not been great in volume.  As I become older (and older and older), it seems to me that a messenger is in his words, if the messenger is truly himself.  His life is his primary word, and his spoken words bear his life.  He learns to be this when he has discovered that a man can give to others only what he truly is. [...]

Here is a prayer/counsel that I wrote for my own eyes...I try to live by this instruction myself:

Seek nothing for yourself.
Stand ready to serve
in quietness,
demanding nothing,
expecting nothing,
sacrificing and praying without
anyone knowing.

This silence before God and man is the presence of being.  Such silence speaks!  Then when one's spoken words flow, they come from the true heart of one's unique identity.  An identity that only the Father in Heaven knows, for it is hidden even from our own eyes.

Here is an old, anonymous Latin poem I love so much:

Pauper sum ego.

Nihil habeo.

Cor meum dabo.

(I am a poor man.

Nothing do I have.

I will give you my heart.)